Why is Linux Web Hosting so Popular ?

Why is Linux Web Hosting so Popular ?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Linux and Windows Hosting both have been successful in their own ways. Each come with individual advantages and disadvantages. Hence choosing the right solution becomes crucial and one must understand what you would achieve from the two OS based web hosting solutions to best suit the requirements.

Its an open truth that with time Linux web hosting has gained a lot of popularity in the Industry. The aspects such as pricing, security, deployment and reliability achieved on a server have added weight to its wide popularity. When compared with Windows, Linux web hosting services can provide additional advantages to users over the competition.

Windows is considered to be the strongest competitor of Linux, yet due to its open source characteristic feature users consider it to be an affordable web hosting solution and a product offering the best value for money.

Moreover, a website designed for a linux platform can be hosted easily on a Windows platform, but the vice versa isn’t True. Even if it does seem possible, it involves rich complications. Having said that, the combination of LAMP ie. Linux Apache MySQL and PHP are considered to be an ideal solution for websites that are intended to be hosted on a Linux Server. Though this should not be misundertood as it faces problem with other technological combinations.

Linux is considered to be more stable and secure than Windows, moreover the possibility of attacks are much lesser than that on Windows Servers. While with Windows despite the licensing costs and vulnerabilities, the rate of attacks, threats and intrusions are much higher than in Linux. The cost of maintenance, sustainability and updrades needs to be borne by the customer while with Linux due to its open source nature, the user does not need to pay anything extra for the upgrades, patches and its management. This is one of the considerations of customers.

The emergence of Ecommerce has been one of the greatest aspects in the web hosting industry. Not all hosts support eCommerce equally well due to the variety of hosting platforms and the underlying technology infrastructures. Therefore, if you intend to setup an eCommerce store, it would be ideal to setup on a linux based server, this would not only help you achieve better performance but would offer safety over the web as well. Reliability and stability are the aspects that do not need an introduction for linux.

Prominent Advantages of Linux hosting-
Open Source : No licensing fees required, comes for free.
– Offer better reliability and stability
– Linux in an hosting environment is cheaper and simpler to manage
– Compatibility with a wide variety of open-source products

Linux web hosting is even popular amongst large corporate website and professionals and acclaimed to be a highly affordable solution offering a wide array of benefits to the users.

Author : Stanley
Company : eUKhost Ltd