Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Currently, there are many different web hosting companies on the Internet. I am not talking about those companies, which are known as resellers. Creating your own web hosting company is really profitable, however its not a one day task, but it requires a lot of time, creativity and investment. In this article, we will not be considering the creation of hosting sites as an example, as sufficient information can be found on the Internet that relates to this topic.

Fundamentally, we are going to touch a new direction, i.e. development in the web hosting industry. Creating a platform for selling the virtual dedicated servers, or VDS / VPS. A VDS & VPS are the same things which are created virtually. Though there are hundreds of companies to offer VDS, but only few of large companies are able to fulfill their commitments done to the customers and this is the whole charm of that the market is still very little clogged.

A little background: at the beginning of the Internet, when Internet was very small, there were very few sites, and consequently the Internet itself at the time was less-burden as the sites were low. The software, which is required for the normal functioning of the sites was not matured to such an extent as it is now. Only rare sites were using PHP & MySQL, etc…, for the most part, the average websites at that time were built up with a set of static html web pages. As a fact, html sites put a minimum load on the server and this is partly due to a low attendance at the sites. However, today the situation is a bit different on the Internet. Nowadays, Internet is changing dramatically with every passing day and more and more users are getting attracted towards the Internet.

Every day new sites are formed, which are becoming very resource intensive and often for the normal functioning of a modern website, it is required to install a non-standard software or make it non-standard configuration. Usually, there are limits set on CPU and memory load for a single web hosting account or site. In such a case, the VDS plays an important role.

So, lets (let’s) take a look at what is the VDS and why it is so necessary to us now?

When you order a virtual dedicated server, you get a full Linux server with all the parameters of a dedicated server, but for much less cost. The virtual dedicated server enables you to install your own software and configure it as you need. It can be customized to the needs of your webiste. Usually, a VDS guarantees you an adequate amount of server resources. But, before you get a VDS for your project, it is necessary to note down the following points to ensure the quality of the hosting service.

1. Selecting a Fully Managed Data Center.
2. Selecting a server with the required configuration as well as the link speed.
3. Choosing the virtualization technology.
5. Elaboration of web hosting tariff plans.
6. Choice of the billing control panel.
7. Calculation of the final cost and a generalization of previous sections.
8. Final installation and configuration.

Article Author: Mac Wilson
Company: eUKhost Ltd.

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