Tips to Increase the Relevance of Your Blog

Tips to Increase the Relevance of Your Blog

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

The biggest problems arise from the small things, and that is why a blogger should pay attention to detail in the hours to assemble, customize and publish the contents of blog.

Today, in this article you are going to see few tips that will help you to improve the relevance and positioning of your blog in the search engines. You can experience the simplicity as issue occurs and how easily it can be solved.

Broken Links

How many broken links are there on your blog?

Search engines just hate links that don’t point anywhere, so it might be possible that your blog may lose points in the next sweep of the search engine robots, after all, they will simply ignore websites that are not concerned with the internal and external links.

What are these Broken Links?

Basically, the broken links are generated by blogs or websites that do not have a CMS, and such a lack may open the way to obscurity. For an example, if you created a static page on your website and after a while it went live and you forgot to remove the link that was on other pages, in such a case the other pages will suffer the consequences.

I suggest that you check your website and blog pages, and especially trackbacks of other bloggers, who can be penalized for linking a page that no longer exists. You should also check your sitemap, if your sitemap is connected to Google Webmasters Account, then Google will find the broken links very quickly that are on your blog. You should check your sitemap for errors and fix them immediately.

Links to the Sites of Questionable Content

Who are you indicating?
Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are! It may seem a moral lesson to you, but this phrase is the foundation of the search engines. Just imagine for a moment: If your website or blog links to a site which is a pornography or crack and serial generator, what will Google think about you?

In the above example, I have referred to a case of direct reference, but in reality the scenario is much larger than many bloggers think. So, I suggest that you should verify the references of your friends before putting their link on your blog. Because, if your friend links to a malicious website, someday you will have to “pay the piper”.


The term above simply refers that words are the keys to open the doors of its content.


Keywords should always be treated with great importance by the bloggers. Keywords are the assets that take your blog to the top of the search engine results. A constant research should be done to find out the most frequent keywords used by the visitors who landed on your blog.

What keywords are on higher position?

You can use your website statistics to see the exact keywords for which your blog is on top and through which the visitors have landed on your blog or website. However, there are proper ways to research keywords and terms that are higher in the world of weblogs.

Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is a great tool to find out the keywords that are most popular on the Internet and have gained good searches. In most of the cases, replacement of (a) few keywords or tags in a article can boost the number of visitors to the blog or website. To experience the Google Keyword Tool, visit: .

Google Trends

Don’t be surprised, since I have pointed out two Google tools in sequence. Google is a reference in research. Google Trends is a tool through which you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. It provides shared graphs of keywords that you wish to examine before adding them to your blog content. To know more about Google Trends, visit:

Duplicate Content

This is the most feared thing for bloggers and search engines. All the content generated in the world of weblogs is subject to the piece of writing; however, this is not the only issue you face in maintaining a successful blog.

It’s literally pointless to keep the same content in two different areas and think that Google won’t notice this trick. Most of the times, you will get penalized or may be banned from search engines. Another factor about duplicate content is that when someone replicates your content, both you and the copier are penalized by Google search engine. Why?

Since Google is improving its algorithm to deliver the fresh, unique and relevant results to the searched queries, in such a case duplicating content may harm your website.

Do not be Unfair

The tendency to gain lots of visitors can walk you through many unethical ways to generate traffic. You’re probably familiar with the term “SEO”, but I want to discuss more about the things which you should not use.

BlackHat SEO

This is the darkest side when it comes to SEO. Try avoiding such techniques, as they can easily take you down faster to the bottom. I don’t want to say that these blackhat techniques don’t work, the main issues is that when the blackhat techniques are discovered by search engines, your website will be banned or penalized by some way. By the time you fix the issues, your customers will scratch it contacts and your name will be spotted in the world of weblogs.

I suggest that you read the terms of the search engines, and discover for yourself what is true and what’s fake, so that you always have quality content and quality optimization on your blog. Following a narrower path is best to drive your blog toward the success. Investing in the long term is good rather than success and decline in the short term.

Author : Mac Wilson | Eukhost Limited

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