The Impact Of Dedicated Hosting On Your Website’s uptime

The Impact Of Dedicated Hosting On Your Website’s uptime

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Dedicated hosting is considered to be the most powerful form of hosting in the current scenario. The main reason behind this is that all the resources in the server are dedicated to just one user; therefore it becomes possible to achieve maximum efficiency. Basically, dedicated hosting means that the entire server is leased by the user; it is not shared with any other website. Therefore, it is possible to reap all the rewards associated with having access to your own private hosting server. The dedicated hosting platform is s must for some businesses as otherwise it will become difficult for the businesses to achieve the goals and retain the customers on the website. If you have a website with lot of online transactions, it needs lot of resources to ensure smooth functioning. The most crucial factor for any business is maintaining the uptime of the website; only then the online transactions can be carried out smoothly and business efficiency can be ensured. Here is an insight on why dedicated hosting is essential for maintaining the uptime of your website.

A good dedicated host will always offer redundancy and reliability. These features make sure that if a problem persists; even then continuity of the hosting activities will be ensured at all times. Most of the dedicated hosts offer redundant network connections. These high speed connections route the data from the server to your web browser very efficiently maintaining the uptime of the website. Dedicated hosting offers a magnitude of flexibility and power when the user rents the server hardware and software. The Linux/Windows dedicated servers are created in a way to ensure website uptime even in the times of high traffic. With dedicated hosting, the CPU of your physical server will be completely yours which will result in significant performance benefits while hosting. This powerful form of hosting makes it very easy to upgrade the RAM that is initially installed in your server; therefore the traffic surges or increase in downloads can be taken care of. You also get more disk space options as multiple hard drives can be installed in your server and you can also take the advantage of different technologies like RAID in order to improve the speed and redundancy of your disk space configurations.

It is not very difficult to maintain the uptime as your website is the only website hosted on the dedicated server. The complete hard disk space provided can be utilized, the scripts that require a lot of CPU power can be run efficiently and even then the uptime of your website can be ensured. Dedicated hosting ensures that the website stays up even in the times of high traffic or downloads. This is a very efficient feature from the point of view of any online business. If an eCommerce website has to be maintained, ensuring website uptime becomes much more essential. As a result of the resources provided by dedicated hosting plans, it is considered to be more of an investment than expense. A dedicated hosting plan is the best option if you plan to run an online store or if you have high storage or bandwidth requirements.

Article written by Rachael from WebHosting UK

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