The Advantages of Using WordPress

The Advantages of Using WordPress

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Do you know what is WordPress?
Have you heard of this?

So you don’t know what you’re missing….

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) program. It uses PHP and anchor in the MySQL database used in creating and managing blogs, WordPress can also be used to create and manage sites and had its origins in the old system b2/Cafelog. Currently, WordPress, along with Movable Type, applications are focused on creating and managing blogs and more popular on the Internet. It is easy to use, simple and uncomplicated installation, and best of all, free education. It was created in 2003 and its developers were Ryan Boren and Matthew Mullenweg. With GNU, WordPress has gained strength and popularity with modifications to the license to use Movable Type. For fear of future problems, a large proportion of these users are  migrating over to WordPress and this served to further increase the popularity and huge fan base of the system.

The main features of WordPress are the generation of XML, XHTML and CSS in full compliance with W3C standards. This allows an integrated management of connections. The system still has a friendly permalink structure for search engines, supporting plugins that provide a large improvement in performance and functionality, allowing you to create multiple categories and simplified management of trackbacks and pingbacks. WordPress has a printer that allows text formatting and styles always correct and accurate, also ensuring the use of static pages and several authors simultaneously and supports TAG’s.

We determine the main advantages that have made the wordpress market leader as: a gratuity, the simplicity of installation and use, the wide range of easy to install and plugins that complement the program with features, a vast user base that provides robust support to resolve any questions or difficulty in installation and operation of WordPress. This same reason may be taken into account when we think of the huge amount of developers that make new puglins to WordPress and constantly improve the platform, the availability and ease of finding the documentation on the program, the frequency of updates and fixes bugs , the intuitive and easy to use control panel, the simple management of pings and trackbacks, this is not speaking of the ease of customization and modification of available themes.

All this has one of the WordPress blogs for class platforms worldwide. The possibility of using static pages, plugins and themes established with the aim of giving the characteristics of a WordPress platform for static websites are also a preference program for developers seeking beautiful sites, reliable and without the need to hire teams of complex professionals to develop it, nor a Webmaster to manage it and take care of updates and changes, if possible, develop a good site yourself, using only a great content management system like WordPress and a good hosting service.

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