Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

What is shared hosting?
In short Shared hosting or shared services means, many websites share a common server, thus reducing the cost for every user. Shared hosting is one kind of web hosting. In this case multiple websites are located on a single server. Every website shares the resources, like : disk space, data transfer, CPU, etc. In shared hosting users have control panel, like : Plesk, cPanel, etc to access their web hosting account but they don’t have root level access. The web hosting provider is responsible to manage, monitor and maintain the server.

What is VPS hosting?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In case of VPS multiple virtual servers have been created on a physical server that’s why users get their own personal virtual server with root access which is just like a dedicated server in cheap rate. Users can reboot their server as per their requirements. In VPS hosting users get all advantages like dedicated server, they have full control their server. User can expand their business and make a better presence online as a virtual server is very efficient to handle higher traffic on your website.

Operating System: There are mainly two types of operating systems present In web hosting market. Those are Linux and Windows. Linux is a open  source operating system and windows is developed by Microsoft. So, linux is cheaper than windows operating system. Windows is GUI based on the other hand Linux is text based. So, windows is more user friendly than Linux. Windows operating system is also compatible with many applications and programs which are windows based. But both Windows operating system and Linux operating system have an equal performance and are equally efficient. So, every thing depends on user’s selection.

What are the differences between them?
Shared hosting : In web hosting market shared hosting is the cheapest option. So, mainly it is popular for cheap hosting. User’s websites are hosted on a server with another websites. This hosting permits different types of customers to share the resources of one server. That’s why it is cheap option to host a website. In shared hosting all websites share one single IP address and server host name. So, this kind of web Hosting is not suitable for all kind of web sites, specially for high traffic websites. The reason is, it is not always possible to isolate each website from other sites that share the server.

VPS hosting : VPS hosting is costly than shared hosting and cheaper than dedicated hosting. User gets more functions like: root SSH access, administrative control, flexibility to install custom software and applications etc. with this hosting. It would be suitable for those users who require full control and need to have the ability to configure the server the way they like, and install custom software as required.

If you want cheapest hosting then you can choose shared hosting.    If you want better performance with little more budget than shared hosting then VPS hosting would be suitable for you.

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