Selection Of The Optimal Hosting and Domain

Selection Of The Optimal Hosting and Domain

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

If you are seriously thinking about setting up your own website for the first time in your life, it is important to understand the basic knowledge. Of course, it is interesting but not easy. But do not be afraid of foreign complexity, the reality is much simpler. What is needed in order to acquire your own place in the vast expanses of the Internet space? The first thing to an idea is its virtual embodiment, it requires two basic key concepts – domain and hosting.

Domain Name

Domain – the address of your new site on the web which is the name with or without www and with two-three letters after the dot.

Domain registration – a very important step in creating a site because your creation will be found on the domain among the infinite number of sites potential visitors. That is why the registration should be approached intelligently and accurately as possible.

Domain Name Registration is offered by many registrars but there are only a few possible reliable, well-proven providers over time. The choice of the site address must be creative. After all, what name you choose, depends largely on your business requirement.

Of course, you have to find a domain name that must not only correspond to the topics of future resource, but also have some important parameters, such as brevity, ease of reading, beauty and good memorability. Therefore, once it is imprinted in the memory, you already guarantee some popularity.

Of course, it does not come by itself, and a beautiful domain may remain only a part of the colorful artwork site. The main problem with the domain registration is that, beautiful short addresses have long been busy and you have to be content with what remains. But this is not a barrier, because with the presence of a certain amount of imagination and creativity, you can find very interesting and perhaps even an impressive domain.

Usually it is registered for a year and then at the end of this period, you can prolong the registration. If you are planning your website for Indian audience, it is best to register the domain in the zone .CO.IN. This is one of the most popular options available to the same beloved Indian search engines.

Web Hosting

Hosting – This is, without exaggeration, the house of your site, and on what kind of hosting you choose, will depend on its “mood” and “health”. In today’s networked hosting market, you can find a lot of options in both paid and free services. Of course, free web hosting – not the best solution for a serious project. In any case, even if it is reliable and stable, sooner or later, you have to go with quality paid hosting.

Savings on hosting today can get a lot of problems tomorrow, because no one can guarantee the stable operation of your site, if it is placed on a free site. The correctness of the choice of hosting – perhaps the most important moment in the creation of the site. And what kind of fare to choose depends primarily on the characteristics of the project. All sites are divided into two types – static and dynamic.

If future site requires considerable storage of files, you will need a lot of disk space, and this will increase the cost of hosting. In any case, all hosts have a large range of tariffs under the most common needs. Best of all, as in the case of domain registration, use proven hosting services that has got the experience of thousands of customers.

In any case, at first, regardless of your goals pursued, the site will likely remain at a relatively low level of attendance and workload. Therefore, it is not suitable to choose very powerful and inexpensive fare hosting. Subsequently, with the development of the site and the lack of resources, you can simply move to a more serious fare, or even change the hosting. It is not difficult, but it takes a little time. If you plan to create a small project, which is an online business card , or portfolio, for such purposes, it is the best option to approach the cheapest fares hosting.

We can only make a choice whether the site is made using a web script or not. The presence of scripting and databases, as well as content management system will facilitate the task many times. Do not neglect to give sufficient time and attention to a domain and hosting of the project. The correct choice of hosting – the success of your website, its further development, and access from anywhere 24 hours a day. A stable operation of the resource will give strength and desire to do more for websites.

Author : Pravin Ganore | ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

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