Reseller Web Hosting Solution and Benefits

Reseller Web Hosting Solution and Benefits

Monday, August 8th, 2011

On the Internet, it has been noticed that the number of websites has increased in a very impressive manner since 1990. The number of sites bouncing from 150,000 in 1995 to millions of websites in 2011. The growth in the number of websites has been attended by an expansion in the website hosting service, which is now available globally.

The web hosting is the very primary step for building any website or web application. Web hosting is a place where you can store your website files and data to make them accessible from any corner of the world where there is an internet connection. The web hosting comes in different shapes and sizes. Many people like to host their own web server by turning their home PC into a web server and hosting a site on it. However, there are some businesses or individuals who are more forced in being a reseller web host, but due to some reasons like setting up of an IT infrastructure, managing staff and renting or buying a property to setup all these things, they don’t dare to put their hands into it.

For such enterprises, a reseller hosting package can be a perfect and ideal solution to start their own small hosting company.

Basically, the reseller web hosting is one of the forms of hosting, where you can resell the hosting space, bandwidth and other additional services leased by the hosting provider to the enterprise. In the reseller web hosting solutions you don’t have to worry about setting up an IT infrastructure, managing staff and renting a property. You just have to sign-up for a reseller hosting package from a reliable web hosting provider like and start your own small web hosting company.

In reseller hosting, a well established web hosting provider offers you some disk space such as 2 GB and a fixed bandwidth amount monthly, you can divide the disk space and bandwidth and create your own small hosting packages and sell them to other persons or websites looking for customized hosting plans at your own desired price. Starting with a web reseller hosting package doesn’t need to have any special technical skills or knowledge. The only thing you need to do is to manage your own customers by interacting with them and leave all the burden of hardware, software installation, internet connectivity issues, customer and technical support on the web hosting provider you have chosen.

The web hosting company you chose to start your own small hosting company has to take all the above responsibilities. However, it is necessary to chose a perfect reseller web hosting service provider who can offer you a robust, quality, reliable and trustworthy services that you can offer to your own customers. A good and reliable reseller hosting provider like delivers a real opportunity to create your own profitable business with minimum investments. Hosting provider like eUKhost is a well known service provider for web reseller hosting packages in UK as well as other countries in the world offering Free 24/7 anonymous support to the end users so that your clients won’t know that you are offering a third party services.

Remember that success of your small hosting business depends upon the web host you chose. A good hosting provider will offer you all the necessary tools that are required to start a hosting company. Tools such as Free control panels like cPanel for your customers, WebHostManager (WHM) to create and manage your customers accounts, Free network tools like Tracert, Free ENOM domain reseller account to manage your customers domain names and Private SSL.

Reseller Hosting

  • You can create your own hosting company with your own name on it.
  • You have the ability to create your own custom packages and sell them at your own desired price.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge to start a hosting company.
  • Ability to host both Windows and Linux requirements customers.
  • Don’t need to think about the hardware and server issues, just concentrate on your customers, as the all the hardware and server issues are taken care by the hosting provider.
  • The better support you have the more potential customers you gain.
  • Ability to host unlimited websites, blogs, galleries, portals and web applications at a very reasonable price.
  • The best way to earn money very easily from home with minimum investments.

Whether you are a small business, enterprise level or a large organization, eUKhost has a perfect and suitable solutions for your requirements.

Written by Mac Wilson at eUKhost Ltd

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