Outsourcing Data Centers For The Growth In Business

Outsourcing Data Centers For The Growth In Business

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The concept of outsourcing was first developed in Europe and the United States 20 years ago. Since then, all auxiliary services that contribute to business success, but that does not feature the company’s vocation, have been objects of study for the feasibility of outsourcing. In the beginning, only cleaning and security services were outsourced.

Today companies are increasingly investing in an organizational architecture intelligently considering hiring printing services, file management and data center. In fact, when considering the amount of information generated within a company, in view of the enormous amount of data being produced, coming and going of the e-mail of each employee, one question hovers in the air: Where all this information is stored?

More than all, just imagine, building a data center itself means, in most cases, paying the high cost for dedicating an entire deck for storage of equipment, maintain a technical team, investing in upgrade, air conditioning and local security and, especially, take responsibility for the strategy of business expansion.

In this sense, before outsourcing, many businesses ended up investing large sums in the consolidation of servers that, over time, were being added on an urgent basis and without any orderly planning. It is noteworthy that even today this is the situation of most SMEs (small and medium enterprises). When you realize that all the intellectual capital is dispersed in many computers, not always integrated in the most secure, efficient and organized way, and that consolidation is key to the support of all other strategic plans for growth, realize the size of the problem.

Investing in a data center outsourcing, today is a solution that is more accessible and consistent. Like many large companies that have transferred the data center to specialized companies, outsourcing means more than being able to develop their skills with a focus on expansion strategy. At a time when a leakage of information can only influence the fall of the stock on the Stock Exchange, the certainty is that, the key information of the organization are secure, stored in high-tech equipment and tamper proof environment, its value has multiplied.

Trend that should take shape over the next three years, the outsourcing data center means including an aligned approach to global concerns. Over the years, technological developments and the needs that arose when the equipment began to consume much more energy. As in all strategic business decision, it is important to have a good understanding of life processes the company and how outsourcing can impact the results. Moreover, it is worth investing some time in research before hitting the hammer with this or that company, taking account of what each has to offer.
Author Name – Pravin Ganore
Company – ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

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