Online Backup Solution

Online Backup Solution

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The data security has become a major issue for online businesses nowadays. A research has shown that about 75% of companies that have lost their data after a disaster got vanished in less than two years. This environment and the increasing demand for data security and safety led the hosting industry to launch an online backup solution to ensure the security and safety of clients data.

What is Online Backup Solution ?

Also called as a remote backup service, the online backup solution is the easiest way to create a copy of the data at a frequency determined as required and automatically sends them to a specific server or servers in multiple data centers by encrypting the data through a secure connection.

Today, most of the companies uses risky backup solutions that:

  • Backups data on the corporate network;
  • Synchronizes files and folders between the local disk of the user and the central server;
  • Copying data to removable drives such as CD, DVD, Hard Drive, etc.)

However, these kinds of methods may be performed to ensure the safety of data but not the security and, indeed, the sustainability of the company. The only best method to ensure the security and safety of your website data is to have a professional online backup hosting solution that eliminates all the risks and constraints, as it offers an automatic, secure and remote backup solution based on the R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP).

How Does the Offsite Backup CDP Solution Work ?

Many companies are already sensitive to the hard and major issue of data loss and its disastrous effects, and for this purpose they take some measures such as RAID disks, cartridges, digital, etc… however, all these components have their faults. Robust media are no less prone to human error, as the data is not in a remote site, hence, it is always a risk in case of theft, fire, etc.

The R1Soft’s CDP solution is an advanced software application that permits the disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for Windows and Linux based web servers and workstations. The solution defends the data by replicating and synchronizing it over the network storing point-in-time snap-shots in to a disk-based storage (ie. on an offsite server). Usually, the backups takes seconds to minutes to complete the backup process of data.

The backups can be performed only on Dedicated Server, Cloud Server and Virtual Private Server based on Hyper-V. Since, the VPS based on virtuozzo uses the nodes kernel the backup cannot be done on them. The offsite backup hosting solution is compatible with Windows as well as Linux servers based on Hyper-V and VMware virtualization technology.

Unlike other online backup solutions, one of the advantageous feature of the offsite backup solution is that the disk sector synchronization is carried out on an online web server, if doesn’t put any load or interrupt the I/O requests of the other services running on that server.

What Unique Features does the Offsite Backup Solution Offer ?

The offsite backup hosting solution offers very unique features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth;
  • Disk-Based Data Protection;
  • Disaster Recovery any time you need;
  • Differential Backups;Incremental Backups;
  • End-to-End Strong Data Encryption;
  • Point-In-Time Snapshots;
  • Ability to Restore Specific files/folders;
  • Sociability to upgrade backup plans

The offsite backup solution allows you to schedule multiple backups including Daily, Weekly and Monthly as per your requirements. The solution is designed very simple, you can choose the backup frequency and recovery points and it will automatically encrypt your data backup and store using a secure connection on an offsite server. Whenever you like you can recover your complete data or restore specific files and folders using the easy-to-use online interface from your favorite browser.

Why to Use Offsite Backup Solution ?

The R1Soft’s CDP solution based Offsite Backup Solution allows companies to secure their sensitive data by encrypting and storing them on an offsite server and protect data against risks such as hardware failures, technical malfunctions, accidents, fires, etc… Also, specific files and folders can be retrieved whenever required using the online graphical user interface.

For every business, their website and data is the most most important thing which leads them towards the success level. Hence, if you don’t wish to be one of the affected companies by disasters, you should prepare yourself by opting for an online backup solution.

Because, Preparation is the Best Defense!

Article by Mac Wilson @ eUKhost

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