Managing Windows Server 2008 Core Locally And Remotely

Managing Windows Server 2008 Core Locally And Remotely

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Managing Windows Server 2008 Server Core Locally And Remotely
Managing Windows Server 2008 Server Core mode can be done locally, using the command prompt, or remotely using Terminal Services. However, remote administration via Terminal Services does not eliminate the use of the command prompt. We can also use Windows Remote Shell or MMC. With MMC, we have a graphical interface to administer the Server Core. Recalling that the administration via MMC can be done remotely.

It is important to note that not all tasks can be performed via command line. Some tasks are available only through scripts, for example, enable the automatic updates, enable Remote Desktop, among others.

To enable Remote Desktop on Server Core using the command:
Cscript C: Windows System32 scregedit.wsf / r 0

The above command enables the Remote Desktop with some advanced security options. Therefore, only Windows Vista workstations or servers running Windows Server 2008 Server Core unable to access remotely. For that, Server Core can be accessed remotely from other versions of Windows after running the above command, run the following command:

cscript C: Windows System32 scregedit.wsf / cs 0

If the Server Core is not a member of a domain and you want to administer it remotely via MMC, type the following command:
Net use * <ServerName> c $ / u: <UserName>

ServerName is the name of Server Core, and UserName is the user account that has administrative rights on Server Core.

After that we can administer Server Core remotely via MMC.

The command used to enable Automatic Updates in Server Core is as follows:

Cscript c: windows system32 scregedit.wsf / AU 4

Administering Server Core via MMC

As previously mentioned, we can administer Server Core remotely, via the MMC console. Consider an example below, where we use two servers running Windows Server 2008, and is configured with a full installation and another with the Server Core installation, both on the same domain:
Log on to Windows Server 2008 that has the full installation.
Click Start, type mmc and hit enter.
Click on File, Add / Remove Snap-in.
Select Computer Management and click Add
Select Another Computer and enter the name or IP of Server Core, click Finish and OK.

Okay, now you can manage Server Core remotely via MMC.

That’s all folks, hope this article is useful for everyone.


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