Learn Everything About Web Hosting On Dedicated Servers

Learn Everything About Web Hosting On Dedicated Servers

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

It consists of a service for hosting sites or other servers where the client has exclusivity the dedicated hosting server that can be configured according to customer’s personal needs and receive updates of hardware and software whenever the need arises. The advantage of using a dedicated hosting server in accordance with the customer is able to count on a technical team accredited to the hosting company, instead of appointing a personal staff.

In contrast, there is a shared hosting service, where only one server is shared by several clients so that each has a share of hosting, and often a share of data traffic is equivalent to 2 or 4 GB on most plans offered. Of course, the shared hosting service comes at a much affordable price on average around 1 to 2% of the dedicated hosting service.

Some time ago, to have a dedicated server was a real luxury. In addition to the machine you needed a dedicated link that had tuition in a very high value. So many chose to pay for a shared hosting plan, as the most affordable solution to those who needed to put a site up.

The “dedicated server” also has different characteristics, worked as a server with restricted access within the network that had a unique role to share printers, files and resources with other computers on the network, turning to the “non-dedicated server”, it was a normal desktop, used as a kind of storage and accumulation of tasks, such as sharing files or a printer.

Currently, the term “dedicated hosting server” is often used to talk about the servers hosted in data centers, where customers pay monthly fees to access a full server, remotely managed, used above all for hosting websites. Having a dedicated hosting today, is no longer an impossible task, the conditions offered by the market are much more accessible to many types customers due to the considerable drop in the cost of links, and computers.

Anyone can have their own server, hosted in a data center, hosting a company website, or customers, sharing and downloading files via bit torrent, storing backups, and access to numerous functions beyond those described above. The main advantage of a dedicated server is connectivity, as this offers greater security. A connection via ADSL allows web access and downloads, but does not work for hosting servers, the upload link is greatly reduced, moreover there is the question of reliability, which is much larger on a dedicated hosting server.

Many large companies are hosting websites with links to work extremely fast, connected simultaneously to several major backbones, ensuring a good speed of access, from anywhere in the world.

Author Name – Pravin Ganore
Company – ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

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