Know More About CMS And WordPress

Know More About CMS And WordPress

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The CMS stands for content management system. It has a set of procedures to manage the workflow in a collaborative environment. They could be manual or computer based procedures. The procedures are used to get the following done:

CMS can allow user to do :
1.It permits many users to contribute and also share stored data.
2.Users can store and recover their data very smoothly with CMS.
3.Users have control over their data validity and compliance.
4.Users are able to avoid duplicate input with CMS.

Top ten most popular content management system:
1. WordPress
2. Drupal
3. Joomla!
4. ExpressionEngine
5. TextPattern
6. Radiant CMS
7. Cushy CMS
8. SilverStripe
9. Alfresco

What is WordPress?
The most popular and useful PHP and MySQL based CMS (content management system) and blogging tool is WordPress. It is open source, so users get this CMS very easily and free of cost. Users get many advantages with WordPress including a plug-in architecture and a template system.

Advantages of WordPress :
1.WordPress CMS is free of cost :If any users just want to start their own blog then they have to buy a suitable domain name and they have to invest some money for that. In that case financial problem is a very normal but big point. There is a great option for those users to get an open source content management system with WordPress. Users wouldn’t have to spend any extra cost for their hosting provider to only manage a blog properly.

2. Users can get good search engine optimization ranking with WordPress :As we know that search engines like updated website, fresh and informative content very much. On the other hand users can change, update and also manage their website content as they wish with wordpress. So, if users update their site time to time then they get better search engine ranking.

3. Users Can block Spammers very easily :The popular CMS has a pre-installed Akismet feature. Users don’t require to install any kind of antispam plugins and they can easily protect any spammer’s activity.

4. Users don’t have to worry about upgrade with wordpress :In maximum cases users have to upgrade any kind of program or software manually. You get a message again and again to upgrade any program. But users don’t require to worry about this kind of problem with wordpress. WordPress will efficiently manage all your updates without any interruptions or delays.

5. Users get automatic backup with wordpress :Users don’t have to worry about data backup and there no chance of data loss with wordpress because User’s computer is automatically backed by the secure backing system built into this platform.

6. Users don’t need any programmer or any thing with wordpress :Users can manage their blog or website very well with wordpress so there is no need to hire any Developer or Programmer to manage the blog. And one more thing is that users don’t have to know any kinds of language (HTML) or code to manage thetheme of the blog because it is easily manageable.

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