Integrating Applications Into The Cloud

Integrating Applications Into The Cloud

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Common feature of the applications offered in the cloud is functional isolation. But this isolation has passed into history with the emergence of a new generation of connectors running as services.

The rapid development of the cloud, and especially its potential to bring information technology to SMEs, many corporations are pushing technology to put their views on it.

The evolution of the cloud is being phased out in any new project start-up of new applications. It has succeeded in isolating the technical problems of the business of the company.

How often, when we sat in front of a technology provider, expecting to receive information on how to improve the knowledge of the information flow between sales and warehouse, we have found a speech that spoke to us that such an application, built about X language, performed on this operating system, which needs a database, securing, load balancing, … And we, we’re on the other hand, we are dedicated to selling a service to our customers, which are the ones who know our business like the back of our hand, it is also that if we want to implement technology, we have to be who understand what our suppliers are telling us, feeling that they do not make the slightest effort to understand our business and our needs … how is that possible?

Now suppose, our provider asks us to forget the technical concept of the need to know about a particular jargon to feel that we are making a good investment. His proposal is, you pay a monthly minimum use of specific functionality and when you feel comfortable with it, we can move to offer more functional capacity, simply by increasing the monthly fee and forget about what happens on the other side. Forget having to worry about purchasing a dedicated server, someone to run backups, application language or version of the database. Only remember to increase the knowledge about the evolution of business, using the tool.

As a proposal is interesting, achieved in a few hours, with extremely tight cost, enter your SME in the world of technology …. It seems that every application in the cloud is isolated, and while I could start using them quickly, controlling costs, etc … becomes complex to maintain the information, the borders between them. But this complexity can be overcome very quickly and easily with the use of connectors, which allow to integrate information between different applications provided in the cloud very quickly.

And what are these connectors?
They are simple applications that are able to stand between the implementation of customer management and warehouse management. When one of these customers happens to be a buyer for example, retrieves the information, we need to manage orders and proceed to seamlessly send the application in the cloud of order management. That is, the connectors are concerned to know when there is relevant information, it is to be transferred between applications, so we just have to make use of the functionality.

Author : Pravin Ganore | ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

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