Giving a Tough Fight to Spam Using Akismet

Giving a Tough Fight to Spam Using Akismet

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

“Akismet”, a product that is known to most webmasters and bloggers. It is one of the products that has earned huge popularity amongst professionals as well as newbies due to the effective anti-spam features it offers. Though more popular especially with WordPress in particular but can be used with other CMS’s as well.

Akismet, proves effective with controlling spam in the form of blog comments, trackbacks and pingbacks. Basically it has its own algorithm that enables it to filter out spam arriving onto your website. Currently there are millions of websites hosted over various platforms that are powered by Akismet. It is accessed via. API keys thats runs from a hosted service. Upon activation of Akismet API it runs through checks over the previously submitted comments and verifies it with its server database for validating the authenticity.

Why Should You Use Akismet?

There are multiple advantages that comes with using Akismet, the most basic is a reduced frequency of Spam. Spam has always been a concern to webmasters, with time even the types of spams and techniques used have evolved. If the a blog site is filled with spammy material no one would like to spend time nor would an article be shared with anyone and vice-versa.

Combating spam has never been so easy for blog owners. Users simply need to install and activate  Akismet and forget the concerns, it’ll do its job efficiently. This allows you to focus on the development of your site with populating rich content and promoting it over the world wide web. Due to the fact that a vast majority of users use this tool, they are aware about the changing trends in the methods adopted by spammers, hence are able to tackle them effectively. This free’s you from the efforts of moderating spams each time you login to the CMS’s admin control panel.

Akismet is available for free for non-commercial websites. Though not many would be aware about the fact that the ‘Free’ option is disguised as a ‘donation’ option, wherein you only need to opt for zero payments and proceed further. Moreover, since it is bundled with the WordPress installation, it is free and without an API key requirement.

Author : Stanley Jones | Eukhost Limited

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