Factors That Make Dedicated Server Hosting A Profitable Investment

Factors That Make Dedicated Server Hosting A Profitable Investment

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Sometimes it could be difficult for the businesses to decide if dedicated server hosting is right for them. Every web hosting platform comprises of unique benefits and deciding which one to invest in also depends on the nature of your business and the spectrum of online business activities. In general, hosting on dedicated servers involves a higher cost. Here is more information on dedicated servers for analyzing if they are worth the investment.

What is a dedicated server?

In simple words, just as the term suggests; dedicated servers provide dedicated resources to the user. With managed dedicated server hosting, the entire dedicated server is leased by only one user. As far as the shared server is concerned, many websites share the server space. Dedicated server hosting also enables the user to host more than one website on the server. Dedicated server hosting is specifically beneficial to the large companies where there are multiple divisions; it becomes affordable to host several domains on one dedicated server rather than hosting separate domains on each shared server.

The right time to opt for a dedicated server

Usually, the big companies having a substantial web presence opt for dedicated servers. It maybe the case that the business might have outgrown the hosting capacity on the shared server and more technical requirements are involved that may not be possible in shared hosting. With the requirement of more web space and bandwidth, dedicated server hosting might surely be the right option for your business. Cost factor is one of the reasons why most of the companies hesitate to invest in dedicated servers. However dedicated server hosting is more of an investment than an expense. With dedicated servers, the uptime and speed of your website will be ensured even with high visitor traffic. Even if you started with shared server hosting, with business expansion hosting on dedicated servers would make more sense.

Benefits of hosting on dedicated servers

Dedicated managed server comprises of many benefits and when you weigh them in comparison with the cost involved, they will appear to be more convincing. Enhanced security on the server is one of the greatest benefits of hosting on the dedicated servers. As the entire server is dedicated to just one user, the risk of getting exposed to any kind of virus is greatly reduced. Stability is another benefit of dedicated serer hosting. Dedicated server provides you with enhanced control over whatever is being processed on the server. In this way maximum uptime is ensured for your server. After leasing a dedicated server, you also get control over the scripts and processes being run, thereby smooth functioning of the website can be ensured.

Customization is another crucial benefit offered with dedicated server hosting. Usually, the technology used in the shared server comes with some limitations as it is confined to the shared interface. Dedicated servers provide with the freedom and flexibility for setting up your website based on the scripts that work best for you. Therefore you can create a very impressive and efficient business website. In light of the factors mentioned above, hosting on dedicated servers can be a profitable option for any business. Dedicated servers provide with the best platform for maintaining the uptime of your website. The best of hosting configurations and dedicated resources make dedicated server hosting a complete value for money. In order to get all the benefits provided by the dedicated servers, it is preferable to opt for dedicated managed servers. With managed dedicated servers server performance will be monitored by the web host and round the clock technical assistance will also be offered.

Article written by Rachael from WebHosting UK

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