eCommerce Hosting and Web Hosting Servers

eCommerce Hosting and Web Hosting Servers

Friday, July 29th, 2011

One of the most widely used solutions in the business web hosting category these days is the eCommerce hosting. The industry of eCommerce has been in boom since quite sometime now and so is the popularity of various eCommerce shopping carts. It has offereed a reliable and simpler means of online purchase of products and services over the web. Consumers are no longer required to visit a physical store to buy goods or products, but with eCommerce sellers and consumers are able to communicate with each other without the need to meet up physically. Incase you are among those who are thinking of setting up an eCommerce store or wishing to update an existing website, you are required to look for a credible eCommerce hosting service provider. It is also essential to check whether the host is capable to offer the features essential for your business to run smoothly and with minimum hassles.

Certain considerations needs to be made before deciding a provider of eCommerce Hosting, so that your site stays safe from hackers and attackers intending to steal crucial information over your site. Though there are numerous ways of securing the data over your website, but it largely depends on the underlying hosting platform holding your website.

There are different website hosting solutions you may choose from, but primarily there are two basic types among them namely Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Each have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Here in this article, you would get to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both from the eyes of your commercial perspective.

Shared Web Hosting

The basic type of solution in this category is considered to be the most affordable types of hosting. While the price would go on rising with the increasing resources and extent of privileges offered. Almost every basic functionality required for a commercial eCommerce website is included with these packages. Depending on the hosting company, you may be offered everything from shopping cart software to the web analytics tools essential to analyze the traffic reaching your website.

There also exist certain disadvantages of using a shared hosting solution for your commercial ecommerce wbesite. The widely known among them is its nature of shared server resources, ie. various accounts such as yours are hosted on the same physical server. Hence giving rise to security concerns and reliability issues. Though there are certain advanced shared solutions that may ease your concern to a large extent. Choosing solutions such as Virtual Private Server or Cloud Servers that offer root access and moreover have a limited number of accounts set-up on a server can be chosen. But its nothing in comparison to a Dedicate Hosting server which offers complete priviledges and isolation as you are the sole users using the server.

Dedicated Hosting

Until recent years, having a dedicated server was only possible for a large company. But with increasing demand, it has become possible even for the web hosting companies to offer these services at fairly affordable price, hence allowing even the small business to use them to run their commercial websites. If you are serious about expansion of your business website with passing time, you would most probably think of choosing a dedicated package than any other. This type of solution is considered to be most secure and reliable hence eliminating any serious future concerns with hacks and attacks. These servers are secure and helps you avoid any potential problems from a data security perspective. The biggest advantage of having a dedicated server is its capability of offering unmatched reliability, hence allowing your website to achieve the highest level of uptime. And uptime is something which would decide the success of your commercial website. The more the amount of traffic which is able to reach your website, the better would be your chances of sale, therefore choosing a host that offers a dedicated server with more than or equal to 99.95% must be preferred.

Following the list of advantages offered by a dedicated server are few disadvantages as well. The most primary among them is its cost. Since you are the only one using the server and no one else to share the amount, the price is higher in comparison to the rest of the solutions. Moreover, you should opt for a service that is fully managed, this would help you to eliminating the efforts with managing the server and you can concentrate on the aspect of business expansion.

Although, it isn’t necessary that you host your eCommerce website on a dedicated server, even a VPS or a Cloud solution would do as well, but that depends on various aspects such as size of your website, level of access you wish to have on a server, how critical is the data, custom requirements, etc. It is recommended to seek help from a reliable hosting company to find a perfect solution for your commercial website.

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