Data Center Features Worth to Consider

Data Center Features Worth to Consider

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

When you plan to opt for a disaster recovery (DR) service or a data center service, the selection should be based on a wise decision. Before signing up a contract with any data center service provider you should know that, the service provider will be an extension of your company’s IT team so ensure that it’s a trusted partner.

The following data center features are worth to consider when choosing a data center service provider:

1.Make sure the service provider owns the facility where the data center is built.
2.Make sure the data center has obtained SAS 70 Type certifications.
3.Make sure they are not new in this business and have been serving clients from years.
4.Make sure the providers staff engineers have a good experience in this field.
5.See how old is the data center and the equipment placed in it.
6.Ensure that they provide redundant power lines and other systems.
7.Check if they have backup generator, its size, are they equipped with redundant architecture and fuel type.
8.Make sure they are equipped with water free Fire Suppression’s.
9.Ensure that the facility is fully secured and all the security measures such as Biometrics, video surveillance exists in the data center.
10.Make sure they monitor their PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) which is a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center.
11.Make sure the data center has at least two backbone providers offering Internet access at high speeds.
12.Make sure there are redundant points of emergence for the service providers accessing the facility.
13.Make sure they are equipped with HVAC – 2(N+1) configuration. The N+1 redundancy is highly important for a data center which ensures system availability in the event of component failure.
14.See if the data center raised floor height is at least 16”.
15.Ask, how the power is provided to the clients and how it is invoiced?
16.Make sure to check the cabinet specifications. The cabinets must have the ability to accommodate your equipment.
17.Make sure the data center facility is monitored round the clock (i.e. 24x7x365).
18.Make sure the remote hands support is available 24/7.
19.Make sure the data center is accessible 24×7.
20.Make sure to the check the uptime history of the data center.
21.Read the Uptime guarantee Service Level Agreement carefully.
22.Make sure the data center you choose offers Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.
23.Make sure the workstations for customer testing and disaster recovery are available in the facility.

In order to identify a qualified and efficient data center service provider, the above features are highly important. Although consulting with an expert is always a good idea. There are many leading providers offering data center services and Disaster Recovery (DR) services, however considering the above mentioned points will make sure you are on the right path to choose a trusted partner.

Author : Mac Wilson | Eukhost Limited

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