Cloud Storage, A Great Opportunity For The Storage

Cloud Storage, A Great Opportunity For The Storage

Monday, February 6th, 2012

We have been talking about a new paradigm that applies to the online storage, all the benefits of cloud computing, from the pricing and method of payment. We have already devoted a considerable space to cloud storage: we speak about a system that allows you to use a common server and get the same guarantees in terms of security, which are provided by the service provides. It saves on costs, management, and deployment of solution like eNlight Cloud is a clear evidence that this model works.

The race to Cloud Storage

The organizations are trying to control costs while meeting the increasing demands created from the data growth and requirements of web space in constant expansion. To meet these challenges of the storage, industry professionals are adopting cloud storage solutions, where it is the cloud component that changes the rules of the game.
It is important to understand that cloud computing is not a new technology, but rather a new business model that includes a set of existing technologies, such as virtualized servers, which reduces the cost of resource utilization and streamline them.

Using web-based mechanisms, cloud solutions make use of scalable and virtualized network resources, by doing that, it can be used only in the necessary amount. The benefits of cloud storage and other services, such as ” pay as you go “(ie, billing only for services used, without fixed costs) are the perception of an infinite capacity (elasticity) and ease of use / handling.

The fact that storage becomes a commodity and is available online at any time so means that companies don’t need to make investments for the purchase of dedicated devices. As a result, companies can save a substantial amount of money on storage costs, since it is paid, only the amount of storage is actually used.

The business for cloud storage

The cloud storage goes through a variety of questions that applications and users typically ask. Cloud storage promises a more efficient and flexible solution for storage media such as the need for online video, audio and electronic books, archiving, compliance with, conservation and e-discovery. The new requirements are also changing, and it is therefore difficult to predict what will be the use of a storage platform in the coming years, and which files will be used.

To meet these needs, cloud storage has been developed in three main implementations: public, private and hybrid.
The term “multi-tenant” is not new, and it was used to define the architecture of applications designed to support different users and can be simply extended to any cloud computing architecture.

Security in a multi-tenancy is essential, covering all aspects of interior and exterior, and extends to the entire infrastructure.

Another challenge for those who lend themselves to providing cloud storage, is the cost management: the challenge is to demonstrate the scalability of storage even in the face of peak demand, without having to intervene to add space and infrastructure while maintaining a lower price to non-cloud solutions.

Author : Pravin Ganore | ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd

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