Cloud Hosting – Scalable, Profitable and Reliable

Cloud Hosting – Scalable, Profitable and Reliable

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

The Cloud Hosting, also known as clustered hosting is a kind of hosting service that operates from a network of servers connected permanently. While a typical shared hosting is limited to the resources such as disk space, bandwidth, memory, processing speed of a single machine. The cloud server hosting provides a demand access to a virtually boundless infrastructure.

The cloud server offers an environment that doesn’t bound the request to a specific set of resources. The cloud web hosting permits servers to have agility and optimum performance. Because of the redundant networks having local as well as international broadband connections, clients servers are always up and live round the clock.

Unlike other web hosting types, resources can be increased as your business grows and so the hosting requirements. Resources like server memory, processing speed, disk space and bandwidth can be increased accordingly. Since, the cloud hosting is a cluster of dedicated servers which are attached in the same network, in case, if the server resources fall short for the requirements, the hosting provider would add another single or multiple dedicated servers to the cluster, so the client requirements are fulfilled.

Cloud hosting lets clients to purchase more computing power as per his/her requirements. The energy resources and load balancing are supposed to offer the end user a seamless network connectivity.

The core benefit of cloud server hosting is that the end user using the cloud hosting service is able to expand his/her business without acquiring excess inventory. By opting the cloud hosting solution, client gets something that is worth the money, a service which is economically efficient, more reliable and profitable by all means.

Some of the hosting companies may charge clients only for those resources which are used by the client sites. It is much similar to the electricity or water bills.

Reduced costs is another benefit of cloud server hosting, which is possible through the integration, greater and improved security, high performance and complete flexibility to upgrade and install any software and applications.

The cloud hosting offers a very powerful proposal for the online and e-commerce business, especially those who are limited on budget. Because of the fully managed hosting solutions available, small and medium sized businesses can focus on the growth of their companies without learning new skills or without spending their valuable time on the server management tasks as you need to spend for the dedicated server.

Redundancy and 100% network uptime guarantee are other two important factors which makes the cloud hosting solutions more efficient and ideal for small and medium sized businesses. It is an ideal solution for the IT companies who are able to pre-establish their bandwidth requirements based on the levels of internet traffic.

The days are gone, when it was necessary to contact the web hosting provider to request for more bandwidth. Cloud servers are completely scalable and allows you to upgrade your resources at any point of the time.

Thus, the cloud hosting is fully scalable, more stronger, more profitable, more reliable and a guaranteed solution for those who expect 100% network uptime guarantee, flexibility and greater security in low cost.

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