Cloud For SMB’s, a Promising Solution !

Cloud For SMB’s, a Promising Solution !

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

There have been constant updates in the sector of Cloud with newer and better cloud computing platforms offered by competitors. It has been observed that consumers have started to respond positively to the new computing pattern that offers high scalable service with excellent reliability and near 100% uptime, rightfully promising a strong platform for businesses of all caliber. As we all are aware, different Cloud providers offer a different type of model, few offer PaaS while others might offer SaaS, both offering optimum performance compared to the traditional types of hosting and computing services.

However, as time would pass and people would start to experience and learn the benefits of this revolutionary technology, they would be able to direct benefits for the businesses and online ventures. It’s recently that we see small groups and firms making a switch to cloud hosting/computing platforms. This sector has a lot of opportunities to offer to SMB’s, opportunities such as cost effective and secure solutions for their IT, software, hosting, system backup and electronic communication needs under a single fully managed roof. Folllowing is a brief discription of features that SME’s can take advantage of.

Scalability and Redundancy in a Cost Effective Way
Choosing a fully managed cloud hosting solution from a reliable hosting company, can open doors to range of different advantages. The cloud platform in most cases is developed with an intention of offering Scalability and redundancy, pay per use is an additional feature which you’d find only with this computing platform. It allows you to pay for the resources that you’ve actually used unlike the traditional solutions where you had to pay a fixed price no matter whether you’d use the allocated resources or not. Hence, SMB’s can achieve cost efficiency and manage their IT budgets more effeciently by switching over to a cloud that follows a pay per use model, moreover you have no need to bother about the performance due to the highly advanced server architecture thats implemented in a clouds cluster.

Its remote accessibility further allows users to manage the servers located half the world away from your workplace. No longer do  you have to bother about the suspension of your hosting accounts due to excessive usage of server resources. The servers are scalable and serve to your needs in realtime, this not only avoids any downtime but also keeps your business site in top shape. Now, all you need to worry about is how to take your business to a higher level.

Convenient, Secure and Reliable
Uptime is another crucial feature for any business/ecommerce website over the web, and if you are a growing business, a downtime of even a couple of minutes can pose a heavy loss to business. With almost 100% uptime and round the clock professional support, cloud hosting services can enable SME’s to focus on the core aspects of their own operations.

Other Areas to cut down costs
In most  cases, not many businesses have ample space to setup an office and housing a hardware such as a server is no question. In such cases considering a cloud hosting solution capable of offering remote accessibility can help you overcome these limitations. This should offer you some space for expanding your office setup and use it for some other purpose that can help you grow your business.

Moreover, there is no need to mention the cost that you’d save by leasing a webspace from a host than investing in the costly server hardware. Also, housing the server hardware within your office premise would also attract other expenses such as power consumption, cooling units and the associated bills, staffing for managing the server etc. All these expenses can easily be avoided by choosing a Cloud hosting service offered by a professional hosting provider.

Author : Stanley Jones | Eukhost Limited

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