Building a Cloud VMWare compatible with a free solution: OpenStack

Building a Cloud VMWare compatible with a free solution: OpenStack

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

How about an open source solution to create a private cloud and or public? Launched a little over a year under the initiative of the many companies, OpenStack is an open source software (or a collaborative project, depending on the angle at which one takes), licensed under Apache 2.0, developed with input from more than 75 companies in 12 countries, including: Cisco, Dell, Citrix, Microsoft and Intel.

Its purpose is to provide the computer industry the opportunity to build a massive hosting architecture and scalable while avoiding constraints on the use of proprietary technologies.

OpenStack aims:

Scalable : This solution is already deployed worldwide in companies whose volumes of data is measured in gigabytes of distributed architectures and scalable.

Flexible & Compatible : OpenStack supports most of the virtualization solutions in the market: ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, LXC, QEMU, UML, Xen and XenServer.

Open : Being an open source technology, the code is modified and adapted as needed. The project also has a OpenStack validation process for the adoption and development of new standards.


It is based on three components:

OpenStack Compute (Project Nova): Compute is used to manage large networks of virtual machines and a scalable and redundant architecture. It provides an administrative interface and the API required for the arrangement of Cloud.
It includes: The case of management servers, management of networks and access control. Compute does not require pre-requisite hardware and is completely independent of the hypervisor.

OpenStack Object Storage (draft Swift): Object Storage is used to create storage space for redundant and scalable storage of multiple petabytes of data. This is not really a file system but it is mainly designed for long term storage of large volumes. It uses a distributed architecture with multiple access points to avoid SPOF (Single Point of Failure).

OpenStack Imaging Service (project Glance): Imaging Service provides storage services, disc recovery, recording and distributing disk images for virtual machines. It also provides a REST API compatible allowing to query for information on the images hosted by different warehouses.

Conclusion: All we would have the opportunity to talk on OpenStack later, but if the cloud hosting is a part of your current needs, I recommend you to follow this project as well.

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