As I Was Searching For The Perfect Hosting

As I Was Searching For The Perfect Hosting

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

After creating a website, you think about a very complex issue – how to choose a hosting company, which would be a good “home” of your site. Now in India there are many proposals for web hosting services, but not all of them are qualitative.

There are many proposals that promise you the “golden mountains” in the form of a large number of megabytes of disk space, free bandwidth, etc. But you must understand that the hosting service may not be cheap, because nobody will run at a loss.

Also in the market of web hosting, there are enough well-known companies, which frankly refers to its customers, thereby earning huge amounts of money practically in the air.

Now I want to tell you how did I fail with 3 web hosting providers. Due to their tricks, hosters ruined me for almost 40 dollars. But you should not fall for such tricks and lose your money.

(I will not write the names of hosting providers, because I think it is unethical.)

Host 1: In this hosting, I moved with the hosting of the second class more than 4 months ago. Hostings second class, I think hosting without the support of additional functions from the server.

Price and description of the hosting were satisfactory to me. But the site is not static, and constantly evolving. And it was the time to install various scripts.  For some time everything was normal. But when I decided to install some heavy script, I started to have big problems.

Although I  had chosen tariff plan which was including support functions, but the script did not work the way I wanted.
When I was planning on that, mail was sent out within 3-4 hours, mailing took 3-4 days. Of course, I did not like it. I began to find the cause. When it was the second time. I did everything that was described in the manual of the script – the result was similar.

After that, I decided to write to a script developer, to help me in installing the script. I started to think that I have “crooked handle”. But the developer rejected my thoughts and said that the script is installed correctly, and all the problems are from the host.

I wrote to a hosting provider, so they helped me with the installation of script and connection. Support began to give me more and more new settings. I have them installed, but the result was similar.

Over 2 months, a support was constructed, but did not set. Kron was never installed as I wanted to be. I decided to move from this hosting, because mailing is the foundation of business on the Internet. And if it is late by 3-4 days, it may give a bad impression.

So, with the first host I left because of breakdowns.

Host 2: After hosting 1, I moved to Host 2. This hosting is enough known and has more than 30,000 sites. Selected a rate, paid and wanted to start using. But no, I started to pursue failures associated with the installation of squeaks. Scripts simply refused to work. Yes, and it turned out that when using the script, you cannot send more than 100 messages per hour, plus a very strict policy of spam. Although no one will write a description of the tariff plan.

I immediately began to write in support. But as it turned out, I wrote in a void. Of the five letters in support of the first day and 3 in the second – I have not received a single response. Although the site says that any issues are resolved within 24 hours. It was a complete lie.

And after 3 days, I asked Money-back (refund). But here it was. I received a reply from the hosting provider after 6 days. They write, and say, they have answered my questions. But I have not received a single response. Conversation was carried out almost 3 days. And at the end of the third day they gave back my money.

And really, they have given me money. But what was my surprise when I looked at the amount they returned, it was almost 30% less than I paid. In my question as to why, they replied that I enjoyed hosting and this is the amount that was left on my balance. So, not enjoyed hosting for a day, and the money was stripped. Thanks, at least part returned. Reason for leaving with the host: “dead” and the inability to establish a support scripts.

And in the end of the article – the “sweet” story with hosting.

Host 3: It is natural that after the return of my money from the second host, I started looking for the next web hosting provider. I went on Google, wrote a search query “dedicated hosting”. Google gave me a lot of sites that provide this service. I looked at all the search results and chose the hosting service, which, in my opinion, is best suited for my needs.

Then I paid and started to upload the site. Remembering the previous error, I immediately began to look for problems with this host. Problems were found very quickly. Main problems: awkward web site control panel, you cannot upload files to the server, which have volume greater than 10 MB and a big problem in the treatment of PHP-scripts for which no script has worked.

Of course, I wrote to support hosting the issue to explain to me the cause of my problems. But I was very surprised with the answer. The answer was to this effect: “We gave you the hosting and we are sure that everything works. When not working, it means that you have incorrectly installed the script”.

I reinstalled all the scripts – but the result was similar. It was not the first time to set these scripts and have experience on their installation. So I could not make a mistake. The biggest problem – my auto responder not working, I could not produce the newsletter.

Of course, I did not like it. I wrote to customer support that they have given me money. But my surprise was great when they said that money back is not provided. That is, I paid for hosting, 2 days trying to install scripts, and stripped of money for the entire month. That’s it! And hosting is bad and no money. Naturally, that remain at this hosting, and upload it with all their projects, I did not want. That this was the third hosting.

All these numerous host shifts could not be displayed on the status of my project. It was far from ideal. Problems with hosting affected its development. Last month, my site was hardly updated, subscription is not released. It was the most irritating time.

But, with the fourth attempt, I found quality web hosting services.

Summing up the article, I want to say about one of mandatory items that must be in the description of the technical characteristics of the host. And this point is rather simple: the test period or 100% refund.

The presence of the test period, access to the hosting (48-72 hours) will provide an opportunity to fully test the hosting on its efficiency. And only then decide whether to pay for web hosting or for another. A similar effect has a 100% money back within 5-7 days. That is, to give the potential buyer to try web hosting services in action. Provider should not be afraid of what will be left without money and with a hideous job of hosting.

Therefore, to choose a quality hosting service, you need to weigh all the plus and minus points, be sure to test and then make a decision about payment of services and placement of website.

Author Name – Pravin Ganore
Company – ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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