All about VPS web hosting

All about VPS web hosting

Monday, May 9th, 2011

If you have any kind of business and you want to publish your organization then you must require a website for your business. For your website you have to choose a hosting plans but maximum business owners don’t have any experience about hosting plans, so they get confused about their hosting plans. There are a little amount of owners who spend some time to search the difference between different hosting plans and which would be proper for them.

If user spend some time and give some effort to search proper hosting plans for their website, then they can see the different features of different hosting plans, and the costs of different hosting.

The cheapest hosting plans is shared hosting. If users don’t have heavy traffic, high bandwidth, don’t want uptime guarantee and also don’t want to spend more money they can choose shared hosting.
On the other hand expensive hosting is dedicated hosting. In case of dedicated hosting One server would be fully dedicated for one user. So it is very costly but at the same time flexible and redundant.

There are a lot of differences between these two server. Many users want the features of dedicated server hosting with the cost of shared hosting. For those users, cheap VPS hosting or cheap Virtual Private Server Hosting is a good option to consider.

Every hosting plans have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cheap VPS hosting have some advantages and disadvantages too.

Advantages of VPS Hosting :

The big advantage which you get from VPS hosting compared to Shared hosting is redundancy, flexibility and extra control.

If you want to reboot your server then you can do that freely.

A VPS hosting account is the perfect mean between these two types- it allows you greater server resources as fewer users share a machine and you can get an account with root access and your own IP to install your custom softwares and applications

In case of shared hosting users get same IP address. So, you can face issues with other users sharing the same IP giving you a bad name by their dangerous activities, possibly you can get knocked out of or down the search results in Google and the another search engines, which can happen on a shared account. In case of VPS, user will get their site on a unique IP address or nameserver. Which means, users don’t face any same IP related problem.

The cheap VPS Hosting is not so much costly hosting than shared hosting. On the other hand it is very cheap than dedicated hosting with maximum similar features – so not get a VPS hosting?

Disadvantages of VPS hosting :

Every thing has some advantages and also disadvantages. VPS hosting has its own disadvantages.
Even though there are limited users, users still get limited CPU, RAM usage and Bandwidth.
Higher processing time as compared to dedicated hosting.
Some hosting companies do provide separate firewalls, antivirus and some other softwares- but they don’t always work well.

SO, at the end of this article I want to suggest you that, If you are a beginner, If you want to get more flexibility, redundancy and security with cheap rate then you can think about VPS hosting.

Donna – BodHost

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