‘Affordable’ Can Be More Than The ‘Price Tag’

‘Affordable’ Can Be More Than The ‘Price Tag’

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

If you are planning to make your business online, the first thing that will come to your mind is a business website. Once you have planned the website, the next most important thing is getting a web hosting plan for making the website live. Opting for an affordable or cheap website hosting service is no less than buying the cheapest house or a car available. Read on to know more about why you must stay away from cheap or affordable website hosting services.

What is affordable anyway? Initially you may think that it is only dependent on price. However in most of the cases you will realize that it is rather far away from that. You will come across many website hosting companies offering hosting services at extremely cheap prices. They might offer everything unlimited for just $ 5.95 per month. At the same time they talk about global sales, special trained staff, fully redundant networks and so on but the logical point is how will they get the money for establishing the infrastructure, equipment and training? While such web hosting companies render themselves economically fit through impossible promises, they also reveal their true knowledge of technology by claiming to offer unlimited hosting attributes. The truth is, in terms of web hosting nothing is unlimited especially when it comes to bandwidth and disk space.

Speed is one of the major concerns when it comes to choosing the website hosting company. It is not really about the bandwidth or the disk space as you can always get more. However when it comes to server speed, or responsiveness, this is something that money can’t buy. The website hosting company must ensure of faster servers in the given hosting plan. If the servers are slow or not of good quality then the performance might get hampered as the server fills up. If any web host is offering you with unlimited web hosting features with a low price, you can be sure that the web host will add lot of customers to get profit from the server and this means slow speeds which will never get any better. The next concern is what you can do with the hosting service. Many hosting companies that like to play safe and they simply install everything into their servers and offer that as a single package. When everything starts working, the server will have to perform so many workarounds configured and security holes created so that it will be drawn out of production to be repaired. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to certain companies and instead of being concerned about clients’ security, they are more concerned about getting everything working somehow so that they can mention all the fancy features in a single ad on their site.

When you host your website, it is your business website and you would definitely not want to take any chances with it. Therefore instead of facing any of the issues mentioned above, it is better to find a website hosting company that provides with reasonably priced web hosting plans. A company that has a qualified technical staff who will take care of all the small and big issues with high priority in order to ensure 100% uptime. The web hosting company that comes with a reasonable price tag has a technology backup as well. If you want to be sure about this, you can also initiate a chat and inquire about the technology used, their data center and other related things. When you opt for ‘affordable’ or ‘low cost’ hosting services, you should be sure that after a specific period of time they might not exhibit the same efficiency and quality. For establishing your business website on an efficient website hosting plan, it is preferable to host it with a reasonably priced website hosting company that provides complete value for money.

Author of the Article : Rachael | Webhosting UK Com Ltd.

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