Advantages of SSL Certificate

Advantages of SSL Certificate

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Secure socket layer which is usually referred as SSL Certificates, is something which an eCommerce website store must have. The is due to the basic fact that most eCommerce websites would accept payments and various confidential information from users over the web, hence making it more prone to hacks and attacks. Having an SSL certificate installed on your domain would not only help you build trust in the eyes of buyers but would also help you safeguard their critical information from falling in the wrong hands, hence offering you an opportunity to attract potential clients.

For any website dealing in online transactions, it is essential to earn trust of potential clients and an SSL certificate can be of great help for this. It’d ensure online safety and that the critical details of the clients are passed over a secure channel. One can identify whether a website is secured using an SSL certificate or not by looking for a padlock or a green deal with bar or the website domain is preceding with https://.

An SSL certificate isn’t offered as a default feature with any of the eCommerce hosting plans, but are offered as an add-on service. One can avail it by raising a requirement with your host and paying a certain nominal charge for it. The hosting provider would then install it over your specified domain name. These are unique digital certificates which cannot be forged, nor can one certificate be used by anybody else. Though there are shared SSL certificates available, but they cannot be claimed to offer the top-most online security. These Digital Certificates are offered by trustworthy third parties and are known as the Certificate Authorities who ensure the encryption of data passed over the Internet. It is next to impossible for any fraudster to carry out any fraudulent activity on your website having an SSL installed. An SSL certificate is designed for encrypting details such as credit or debit card numbers, PayPal ids, login specifications etc. that are to be transmitted over the web.

An innovative and completely new method of earning trust from the visitors reaching your website is to avail Website Passport offered by Eukhost Ltd. It helps website owners combat fraud and enhance the factor of trust in the eyes of consumers. Various details about your company and its identity is included in the passport which a visitor can access with a single click of button. This is an awesome tool of proving legitimacy of your business. It can offer a website and extended level of security where having merely a professional looking site isn’t all that enough to earn trust from a visitor.

Having a dual add-on service ie. SSL certificate and a Website PassPort added to your web hosting account can not only keep your business protected over the world wide web but would also add to your business promotion and expansion. An SSL Certificate would do a major role of earning trust of a customer and ensure that their financial and other confidential details are protected passed over to you via. a secure medium and a website passport would furnish various essential details about the legitimacy of your business.

You can avail both these solutions from Eukhost Ltd. To know more about them, you may visit SSL Certificate and Website Passport.

Written by Stanley at eUKhost Ltd

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