Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Blogging Services

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Blogging Services

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Selection of a blogging platform is a confusing task for new bloggers. Most of the time when a person approaches the blogging field for the first time he does not tend to invest or spend any kind of money on it’s web hosting services. Because of this tendency of not spending any amount as hosting expenses many of them turn towards free blogging services. One need not purchase any kind of webspace, domain name and other features, unlike regular web hosting services account.

For free blogging service there are a number of options like blogger, wordpress, blogspot etc. available on the Internet. But according to simple commercial rule ‘The best things don’t come for free’, and the same is applicable in this case also. Following are some major Advantages and Disadvantages of free blogging services.

Free – Since you don’t need to pay anything for consuming the free blogging services, you can enjoy the basic features like blog’s theme, its design, space required for your blog, bandwidth consumed by your blog without spending any amount from your own pocket.

Security and Uptime – With free blogging services you need not worry about any security measures  or uptime as the service provider itself will take care of it. No security arrangements like firewall and anti-virus software are needed to be installed unlike the normal web hosting services accounts.

Community membership – As soon as you sign up for a free blogging service, you become the member of community formed by the same users who signed up for the same services. According to few services such blogs which belong to a particular reputed community are crawled more quickly.


Rules and Regulations – Each free blogging service provider has its own rules and regulations and you are restricted by these rules and regulations while performing your blogging activities, if you break the rule there is possibility of getting your account banned by that particular service provider. Such restrictions are very less with paid type of blogging services.

Content Ownership – As you update your blog with your own written content but as soon as you upload it to your blog, the ownership of that content is transferred to the services provider. This can be very disappointing for the writers with good writing potentials.

No installations allowed – As many of us know that when we go for wordpress blog which is hosted on a paid web hosting account, we can install many useful plug-ins to enhance the performance of our blog from SEO point of view, but you cannot do the same if your blog is run by free blogging services. Such installations are not allowed on the free blogs.

Less Advertisement opportunities – As you are not the real owner of the blog, the advertising income being generated from these blogs does not belong to you. Furthermore advertisers are never interested to put their advertisements on such free blogs because the popularity of such blogs is very less. Because of being less popular the traffic flow is also very less on such blog, which discourages advertisers to put any advertisements on such blogs.

So here we saw the various advantages and disadvantages of free blogging options so in my opinion if one is just going through learning phase or want to run a personal blog as a hobby should go for free blogging. But if you have any commercial interest and motive behind running a blog then you should search for the cheap web hosting services which are generally found as cPanel shared hosting account and host their blogs on it. By choosing this paid option you can maintain your blog according to commercial demands for generating some income from it.

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